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The Tuggerah Lakes estuary is a unique environment and rich in biodiversity. Over the years the estuary has been influenced by a range of human activities. 

About half of the wetlands (the upstream filter system) have already been lost, 85% of natural foreshore vegetation, including saltmarsh is gone, and urban development is directing surges of stormwater into the lakes, all of which continually contribute to problems such as 'black ooze'.

In response to community concerns, Wyong Shire Council in 2006 developed the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan (EMP).

The EMP aims to rehabilitate Tuggerah Lakes to a point where it can effectively maintain itself. The plan has been supported by a $20 million Australian Government Caring for our Country grant.

The Caring for our Country initiative provided $8.66 million for Stage 1 and 1.1 of the EMP project and a further $11.34 million for Stage 2 of the project.

Detailed information on the achievements of the works, funded by the Caring for our Country grant, can be found in the following reports:

pdf format Final report: Stage 1: 2008-2010 (15.25 MB)

pdf format Final report: Stage 1.1: 2011 (951.55 KB)

pdf format Final summary report: Stage 2: 2013 (7.96 MB)

pdf format Final evaluation report: Stage 2: 2013 (2.09 MB)

The Australian Government has committed a further 3.25 million dollars in the 2014-15 budget, funding further upgrade works to stormwater treatment around Tuggerah Lakes.

Throughout this website you will find out what is being done to restore the Tuggerah Lakes estuary and what you can do to help its health. Find out who is a Lake Guardian.

Tuggerah bay from Tacoma - Photo by David Benson

Photo: Tuggerah Bay from Tacoma

Bar-tailed Godwit at Chittaway - Photo by Christina Port

Photo: Bar-Tailed Godwits at Chittaway Bay

Where is the Tuggerah Lakes estuary.