Wyong Shire Council

Our progress towards the Tuggerah Lakes Estuary Management Plan

In December 2008, Council received funding through Caring for our Country to implement aspects of the EMP that relate to water quality improvement. A funding commitment was made to 2013, with funding to be staged through two phases, to be administered by the Australian Government’s Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. Read more.

Projects being implemented from 2009-2013 as part of the Estuary Management Plan include;

  • streambank rehabilitation in Wyong River, Ourimbah Creek, Tumbi Creek and Wallarah/Spring Creek to reduce erosion and strengthen banks
  • Installation of improved systems into residential and industrial areas to reduce excess stormwater run-off in areas like Saltwater Creek
  • building of constructed wetlands and other catchment improvements to filter nutrients, sediments and stormwater run-off
  • rehabilitation of significant saltmarsh communities to assist with the reduction of ‘smell and black ooze’
  • improving recreational amenities and foreshores for community use
  • continuing scientific investigations and monitoring of water quality
  • engaging the community in education programs and providing information on the estuary and works programs

Below is a project we are currently working on.

Streambank stabilisation on Wyong River

Location: Alison Road

Council has started work on a $2.5 million project to stabilise a stream bank on Wyong River. The project is funded jointly by Council and the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative.

This project is aimed at minimising erosion to protect the nearby roadway, and stopping sediment from entering into Tuggerah Lakes. The work will benefit the community by providing long term stability to Alison Road, whilst also mitigating further erosion at the site. See more

This and other projects are aimed at improving the water quality in the Tuggerah Lakes.  Read more.

Improvements in stormwater quality

Run-off from urban catchments contains a range of pollutants which contaminate stormwater, and thereby impact the quality of water in our lakes.

Stormwater treatment measures have been implemented in over 300 hectares of urban catchment as a result of ratepayers’ contribution. This has led to an estimated 200 tonnes of pollutants being removed from our lakes. See some of these projects and find out more information about these treatment measures. Read more.