Stories from the Catchment

Snippets – Stories from our Catchment


Follow the local landholder’s stories that were developed to showcase on-ground projects developed by landholders in partnership with the Hunter-Central Rivers Catchment Management Authority (CMA).  These engaging stories, produced as short four minute YouTube style videos can inspire others to improve water quality, biodiversity and land management practices on their property.

This project was developed as part of a partnership between landholders in the Tuggerah Lakes Catchment and the CMA in partnership with Wyong Shire Council through funding from the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country initiative.

Story 1 - Catchment snapshot – a short sharp two minute overview of the landholder stories. (2 mins)


Story 2 - Catchment Story – extended version showcasing all eight landholder stories. (10 mins)

Story 3 - Listen to Kate Brydon reflect on the benefits her weed removal project has made to significant vegetation of the Hanging Swamp and Hawkesbury Sandstone Peppermint Apple Forest, located along Bumbles Creek on her property located on the Somersby Plateau in the Ourimbah Creek Catchment. 

Story 4 - Find out why Pam O’Sullivan loves her little patch of paradise in Palm Grove located in the Ourimbah Creek Catchment.  Learn how Pam discovered that incentive applications aren’t as daunting as you would think, and how this CMA project supported bush regeneration work to remove lantana, and helped preserve a wetland and regenerate native species through stock exclusion fencing. 

Story 5 - Explore how Tony Wells from Youth Connections, a training and job placement program for older school students on the Central Coast, worked with an enthusiastic team of bush regenerators using a variety of techniques to remove a difficult patch of lantana in the Forest of Tranquillity, located in the Ourimbah Creek Catchment.  Watch Tony and his energetic team do battle with this particularly vigorous Weed of National Significance on a site that includes an important Subtropical Rainforest.


Story 6 - Find out why Elifie Blackburn, Environmental Manager for the University of Newcastle and her staff enjoy working in their ‘outdoor’ office consisting of Coastal Moist Forest and Subtropical Rainforest located in the Ourimbah Creek Catchment.  Key outcomes for this project include bush regenerators from the Community Environment Network removing over two hectares of weeds, including lantana and privet and planting 200 plants, including bangalow and cabbage tree palms.

Story 7 - Hear Marcus McDonnell, Property Manager of the Salvation Army’s Dooralong Transformation Centre talk about the Salvation Army’s commitment to caring for this valuable piece of land located in the upper reaches of the Jilliby Jilliby Creek Catchment.  The Salvation Army signed up for a Property Vegetation Plan (PVP), covering almost 50 hectares and ensuring the protection of bushland at the site in perpetuity. The PVP site contains a number of important threatened plants and animals and three Endangered Ecological Communities. Protection of the vegetation at the site has given them the opportunity to provide a secure healing sanctuary for the participants in the Bridge Program.

Story 8 - Listen to why Sydney based landholder Trent Crowhurst loves being able to visit his beautiful 65 hectare property located in the Wyong River Catchment.  Find out how Trent’s project to exclude cattle from their creek using 1.5 kms of electric fencing, will help restore the stream bank helping to improve water quality.  Learn how this project has provided Trent and his mother Ann with an opportunity to focus on future plans to improve land management techniques on their property

Story 9 - Take a walk with Janet Macfarlane and her husband Les through their 15 acre property located in the Wyong River Catchment.  Find out why Janet realised the need to be responsible with cattle grazing on a property so close to Wyong River and how she worked on a project with the CMA to install fencing to exclude her cattle from this important waterway.

Story 10 - Hear Phil Heaton, president of Budgewoi Beach Dunecare talk about the group’s rehabilitation of over one hectare of vegetation located in the Budgewoi Holiday Park in the Budgewoi Lake Catchment.  Budgewoi Holiday Park contains Paperbark Swamp Forest which is classified as an Endangered Ecological Community and Budgewoi Beach Duncare will help improve this site by removing weeds such as blackberry, bitou bush and very dense sections of lantana.