A precious environment right at our doorstep

The Tuggerah Lakes estuary is home to many wonderful places that are a haven for lots of wildlife, it is a living environment that needs plenty of care and nurturing to ensure that it continues to live.

The valleys of Yarramalong and Dooralong, inland from Wyong, contain lush pastures, grazing properties, turf farms and rural views. They also hold place for the catchments that feed into the Tuggerah lakes, which provides its main source of water. Did you know that the salinity in Tuggerah Lakes estuary fluctuates from almost freshwater to highly saline at different times and in different areas? Find out more.


Council staff at rehabilitation sites

Photo: Wyong Shire Council staff working group on saltmarsh restoration

photograph of upper section of Ourimbah Creek

Photo: Upper section of Ourimbah Creek

The Tuggerah Lakes estuary is also central to a range of activities such as canoeing, boating, commercial and recreational fishing and many more activites which is what makes it such a great place to live and explore.

The impacts of climate change, urban development and the increasing issues of pollution are just a number of factors that can affect the health of our living lakes.

But the good news is...

Everyday, individuals and businesses who use and enjoy the Lakes for leisure and recreation or to make a living are taking practical steps to help safeguard its future.

We need you to continue to help to love our living lakes. How can you do this? Follow some of our simple tips or get involved in your own patch to understand what it is doing. Find out more.